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Having Fun With Pyramids & Pharaohs
(Preschool to Age 12 / suitable for up to 125 students)

This unique, lively and engaging educational program provides children with a dynamic approach to learning about ancient Egyptian life. This fast paced program focuses on exploring what everyday life was like for ancient Egyptians and offers children the opportunity to have a hands-on experience. This program was originally designed for Middle Schools, who traditionally have Ancient History in it's curriculum but Paulette can adapt the program to be developmentally appropriate for any age group.

This assembly program includes:

1.) A multimedia presentation using PowerPoint

2.) Storytelling

3.) Active participation including music and dancing

4.) Museum quality exhibition of Egyptian
     artifact reproductions for hands-on exploration

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Exploring Egypt With Paulette Morin - DVD

This video is full of interesting and informative insights on life and times of the ancient Egyptians. From their truly magnificent religious temples, to a more intimate look at their habits, beliefs and daily concerns. Its is a perfect follow-up to the Having Fun With Pyramids & Pharaohs program.

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